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Sessions 14 and 15

In this module, we’ll explore the complexities of airway management and present best practices and techniques for oxygenating and ventilating a patient.  The videos below are not meant to replace the readings and should be used to supplement the information found in your text. Total video run time – 90 minutes.

Introduction to airway management

Mechanics of respiration, overview of ventilation and oxygenation

High-resolution view of the airway

Take a look at this awesome 1-minute, high-resolution video of the upper airway anatomy.  Be sure to turn your volume off prior to playing this video.

Dr. Levitan self intubation

Dr. Levitan is a legend in the field of airway management.  He is the founder of the AirwayCam educational series and has published an incredible amount of research on the topic. This 1-minute video will also help you understand the path a nasal tracheal tube travels on its way to the trachea.

Predict difficult BVM ventilation

BVM technique

This video presents the key points of effective BVM technique.  Your ability to properly oxygenate and ventilate a patient using minimally invasive techniques is of critical importance.  Don’t dismiss the utility of this skill because it’s not an “ALS” skill.  Learn to save a life in 8 minutes!

Patient position

Learn about the ear-to-sternal notch position in 3 minutes.  This method of patient positioning has been shown to improve first pass success rates during ET intubation

Predict difficult intubation

Endotracheal Tube shape

Direct laryngoscopy – endotracheal intubation

Dr. Gallagher demonstrates the steps for performing direct laryngoscopy.  He also presents some pearls and pitfalls of intubation.

Confirming ET tube placement


Dr. Gallagher demonstrates the steps for performing cricothorotomy using the Seldinger approach and also uses the Melker kit.


Dr. Levitan podcast

Check out the educational site at http://www.airwaycam.com.  This is a tremendous resource!

King Vision Airway Training

King Vision training module

King Vision Techniques

Significant secretions

Techniques to improve first pass success

Direct laryngoscopy vs King Vision

Miscellaneous Airway Information

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