Videos and other Digital Media

Much of the ALS curriculum lends itself to self study through reading a textbook.  However, in order for students to truly grasp and retain difficult concepts, develop critical thinking skills, and apply their newfound knowledge, students must be given the opportunity to reinforce textbook knowledge through simulation and small group scenarios, psychomotor skill development, and the ability to view / listen / interact with their instructors.  One technique we can use to present challenging concepts is through the use of narrated videos.  The use of video to impart information is critical for promoting asynchronous learning, reinforcing material the student has read, and providing a source of reference that can be accessed from any mobile device at any time.

We envision developing videos to suit our needs precisely, while incorporating videos that already exist on the Web.

We need your help!  Please be sure to review the videos prior to teaching the related topics in class.  This will help ensure consistency between classes and instructors, which is a plus for the students.  We also need your input on videos we need to develop.  Lastly, if you come across a video online or if you have videos you created that you are willing to share, please let us know.

Please follow the link below if you find a video we should add to our collection.



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