Instructors, welcome to the course modules resources!

The course modules mirror the Education Standard and contain all of the necessary information to teach the specific session you are delivering.  Each module contains the specific Education Standard (these replaced the older National Standard Curriculum objectives), lesson plans for each session, group activities, lecture material, classroom scenarios, videos and other media.

Although a tremendous amount of time and planning has gone into compiling and creating the material for each module, this site is constantly evolving and should be viewed as a platform to build upon.  So, please take the time to email or call me if you have any ideas for additions to the content or how to improve what’s already here.  Also, I want to incorporate all of the material, job aids, classroom ideas, etc. you develop into each module.  Please send them my way so I can do so.  We are setting the stage here to legitimize an open-source platform from which others can refer to teach their classes.




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