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Session 4 – Intro to IV Access

Session 4a – Intro to IV Access

IV access and saline locks performed on a task trainer.

Session 4b – Live IV Access

IV access, fluids & drip sets performed on a task trainer.

Session 4c – Intro to IV Access

IV access and saline locks performed on each other.

Before delving into the actual skill of IV access, we need to explore a little theory behind the therapy.

Fluid balance and water regulation

Electrolyte regulation

Acid-Base balance (pH)

Starling’s Hypothesis

Forms to Review

  1. This form provides step-by-step direction on how to safely cannulate a vessel.
  2. Order of draw – blood tubes

Session 5 – Central Line Access

Session 6 – Introduction to drug calculations

Session 6a – Introduction to drug calculations

Basic drug calculations

Session 6b – Drug calculations

Weight based  & Time basesd drug calculations

The following videos provide all of the necessary information for you to perform drug calculations.  Each video builds on the previous one, so please view them in the order in which they appear.

Basic Drug Calculation (9:29)

Weight-Based Drug Calculations (8:15)

Dopamine Drip Calculation (8:55)

Dopamine Shortcuts (9:07)

Calculate Total Volume to Infuse (3:09)

Calculate Volume to be Infused Over Time (4:30)

Drops per Second Calculation (3:41)

Drops per Second Calculation – given weight (4:11)

Session 7 – IO Access

EZ-IO Presentation – EZ-IO training module.

EZ-IO Instructions – Please take a few moments to read the instruction pamphlet.

EZ-IO Training Videos – Manufacturer’s training videos for insertion of the devices in the various recommended locations, care and maintenance, and removal instructions.

EZ-IO Instructions Poster – This poster illustrates the steps for performing IO insertion. This is an abbreviation of the instructions above.

EZ-IO Care and Maintenance – Concise reference outlining the IO care and maintenance considerations.

Supplemental – Central Venous Line in Emergencies – This paper explores the importance of shifting away from traditional central venous access techniques.  The benefits of IO access are presented, along with data-based recommendations.

EZ-IO App for Android and iOS Devices – A handy reference for you when you’re on the go!

EZ-IO Cadaver Lab Experience – Keep an eye out for local offerings of this one day course.  This is one of the best continuing education experiences around.

Session 8 – External Jugular

EJ – Tricks to improve visibility – This site provides a data-based trick for improving visibility of the EJ. The activity will take you 1 minute to complete.

EJ tourniquet – say what?! – This site reveals a simple, yet effective method of improving external jugular visibility.This activity will take you 1 minute to complete.

Difficult vascular access? Look to the EJ!

Session 9 – Basics of Pharmacology

In this module, we’ll introduce the basic principles of pharmacology.  The videos below are not meant to replace the readings and should be used to supplement the information found in your text.

Starling’s Hypothesis

Nervous System Anatomy

Nervous System Physiology for Pharmacology

Pharm Intro

Pharm Absorb

Pharm Distribute

Pharm Metabolize

Pharm Excrete

Session 10 – IV Drip Calculations

Drip based drug calculation

Session 11 – Med Administration P.2

Bristojet, carpujet, pre-filled, ampule, MDV, bullet & MDI.

Session 12 – IV Bolus

Session 13 – EXAM

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